Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Study : Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz Route To Perfection

Our multiple award winning demonstration drive excellence programme.

Immediately engaging, of real-world use and applauded by Sales Consultant participants, Sales and General Managers, this programme’s success resulted from being perfect-for-purpose, cleverly created and impactfully delivered. Beginning with Mercedes-Benz Dealers who opted in, this programme grew in stature and scale to include all Mercedes brands.

Whilst Mercedes-Benz had succeeded in improving their customer satisfaction ratings, Mercedes-Benz customers continued to report less than 100% satisfaction with their demonstration drive experience. This in turn, created some ‘lost sales’ opportunities.

To catapult Mercedes-Benz to consistently deliver ‘best in the industry’ performance in this specific element, Osbourne Purdie designed and created the multi-award winning ‘Route to Perfection’ customer engagement in demonstration drives programme. Delivered by expert Osbourne Purdie business skills trainers and performance coaches, in combination with actors in role as customers, it provided participating Sales Consultants with opportunity to make their transition from knowing what to do, to successfully doing it, and doing it consistently.

In combination, thought provoking materials, relevant scenarios and coaching interactions pushed Sales Consultants to unlock their own thinking. After each opportunity to develop, the crucial opportunity to practice was undertaken. Sales Consultants proved to themselves that they could succeed at this elevated level of performance.

The Route To Perfection programme delivered an improvement in dealer conversion metrics and a 4% improvement in overall car sales. It also earned prestigious awards from Motor Trader and Automotive Management.

Osbourne Purdie - Motor Trader Industry Awards Winner
Osbourne Purdie - Motor Trader Industry Awards Winner Gold

Case Study : Renault

Renault Academy of Excellence

Osbourne Purdie are Renault’s chosen partner to develop and deliver the Renault Academy of Excellence to the Renault networks in UK and Ireland. Within this remit, all retailer management, sales and aftersales customer facing staff are engaged, to become more customer oriented, more successful in their role, and grow as people.

The start point for a measurable learning revolution was the brand’s vision for their future customer experience. From this pertinent job role competencies in all roles at all levels, required to consistently deliver this experience, were identified. Staff occupying these roles were measured in their performance against these competencies and curriculum with a carefully crafted mix of learning solutions, has been developed.

Each participant’s knowledge, skill, experience and attitudinal approach when engaging their customers was measured. From this, the participant’s personal development plan was created. This ensured relevant and targeted learning and positive learners.

On completion of their development plan, participants become eligible to undertake an assessment, which provides opportunity for them to showcase their delivery of the Renault Customer Experience, across the full spectrum of customer interactions that are pertinent to their role. Upon success, these members of the Renault network are celebrated and recognised as members of the Guild of Excellence, delivering consistently wonderful customer experiences.

Osbourne Purdie have been the strategic business partner for the development and deployment of Behavioural and Skills Training for Renault UK and Ireland since 2012. We value the creativity, energy and professionalism they impart into all of our activities which engage our Dealer Sales and Aftersales teams. They bring expertise in specialist fields and provide high quality people at all levels. We like the manner in which they undertake their business, their warmth and transparency. We enjoy working with them and are happy to recommend them.

Steve Whitcombe, Manager Total Customer Experience – Network Engagement, Renault UK


Participant Training Days Delivered
0 / 4.00
Participant Feedback Rating on CONTENT
0 / 4.00
Participant Feedback Rating on TRAINER
POINT UPLIFT in Knowledge

Case Study : Volkswagen of America

Volkswagen Elite Sales Training (VEST)

Originally commencing back in 2011, this three part intensive training and coaching program continues to out-perform it’s targets and continues to evolve to set it’s participants up for success in their roles.

A team of 19 full time trainers and coaches provide full coverage throughout USA, and engage learners in an accelerated learning program to equip learners to succeed as qualified, professional Volkswagen sales consultants. We invest in our team of trainers and coaches, through developing their skills on an ongoing basis, and as a result benefit from a positive and dedicated team.

The accelerated learning program consists web-based learning, interactive face to face remote learning, in-person group face to face learning and one to one coaching. Embracing the opportunity to evolve content to maintain it’s freshness, relevance and impact has brought straight forward adaptation to delivery mechanisms and subject matter, in the current Covid influenced operating environment, which in turn has ensured that sales consultants continue to be ‘set up for success’.

It’s metrics are impressive, with each of increased sales volumes, increased retained profits and consistently higher level customer experiences being earned. It is often the additional measurement, that of the resultant reduction in staff turnover, that is most appealing – with the VEST program being positively responsible for a reduction in turnover of 72 percentage points.


0% Points
Reduction in Sales Consultant turnover
Training days delivered over 7 years
0% (average)
Uplift in new car sales volumes achieved by program graduates
Of program graduates show a measurable increase in customer experience score achieved

Case Study : Peugeot

Peugeot Customer Previews

These extremely successful events were pioneered by our desire to set our participants up for success, and our comfort in leading from the front, in the first instance, to successfully evidence our beliefs.

Whilst those customers who had experienced Peugeot’s recently introduced new products had been wowed by them, not all prospective customers were giving Peugeot an opportunity to showcase their products, nor their customer experience.

The target product was to be Peugeot’s new 3008SUV. Customers who had shown interest online or via social channels were invited to a personalised static preview, prior to launch. 2047 such customers, often with their partners and families, engaged in these previews, at 202 events held over 12 days. 1680 booked test drives to take place immediately that products were available to drive and 554 orders were taken at these events, with high proportion of conquest sales. These orders were often for higher specification vehicles with options, evidencing that fully tailoring a vehicle presentation to every specific customer, and enabling them to hands-on experience the value presented by the vehicle, is a key component in a great customer experience.

This winning solution continues to evolve and has been successfully utilised by Peugeot for recent launches of new 5008SUV, new 208 and 2008SUV and new e-208.

A huge thank you, for the success created by your 22 product specialists.

The feedback from our Dealers has been fantastic, saying that the product specialist Pro-Drivers were superb in their attitude and contribution, to make our customer VIP events such a success. Our order take has surpassed our expectations. Great job by all and please send my thanks and congratulations to everyone in your team.

David Peel, Managing Director, Peugeot


Customer Preview Presentations
Future Test Drives Booked
Orders Placed During These Customer Presentations

Case Study : Porsche Cars North America

Porsche Business Excellence

The client set out ambitious plans to meet their “value creating growth” strategy for 2018. Setting targets for performance improvement against 27 key performance indicators for their network. (We actually measured 123 KPIs). Part of that strategy required hands-on face to face training as well as coaching and mentoring through in-dealer intervention. Our winning proposal was delivered over an 18 month period, meeting each of the demanding Porsche Business Excellence (PBE) requirements.

Over the life of the programme we detailed the number of actions which were set, how many KPIs they addressed, how many of the actions related to a ‘binding KPI’ (the original mandated 27 KPIs that were identified as part of the programme) and the US$ value assigned to those actions.

The ROI was $35,152,282.00.

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Automotive Business Consultants
Porsche centres opted into the programme and benefited
Year programme duration

Case Study : VWG UK

Leadership Needs Analysis

A sophisticated needs analysis was constructed within a framework of contextual, core and brand aligned competencies.

The aim of the training needs analysis was to

  • determine the manager’s competencies using questions designed to assess three levels of Blooms Taxonomy:
  • determine manager’s knowledge
  • determine manager’s ability to analyse content
  • determine manager’s ability to apply knowledge
  • direct the manager to the most appropriate qualification path based on their results

In addition to writing questions, assessment of the quality and consistency of questions was carried out by an Occupational Psychologist. Initial feedback on question construction and quality was provided as well as written validation regarding the standard of the questions written as ‘fit for purpose’.

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